Perfection is the enemy of good

"Le meglio è l'inimico del bene"

Perfectionism (noun) - A propensity for being displeased with anything that is not perfect or does not meet extremely high standards.

Or, in my words: the paralysis of passion and willpower due to false pretense and expectation resulting from misguidance or trauma, usually unjustified with no prior achievement of perfection of any kind in any form; a mostly self-imposed delusional mental prison.

Not novel information; quite common actually. Resolvable by acknowledgement, forgiveness, acceptance, courage and faith in oneself. Easier said than done, but nothing good for you is easy.

Dozens of decade old notebooks stuffed with ideas and musings lay scattered and unshared. Maybe some were best kept on paper, but others were actualized by do'ers and artists and inventors around the world after I was given chance to. I channeled those moments of inspiration into nothing but ink on fiber. Yet, still better than the plethora of ideas and dream journals unwritten and forgotten - potentially the best of the best weren't even transcribed.

I cannot dwell on the past - will only move forward. This blog and future efforts will be to transcribe new moments of inspiration as they come, not digging up and immortalizing fossilized conceptions. However, if I happen to feel the desire to share something already made, I won't stop it from happening. I started this blog with the intention to post primarily about trading and technology, but the blog is writing itself.

So, I shall share what I made for my re-emergence on Instagram, and social media/society in general. I distanced myself from it years ago out of firstly a desire to detach from Pavlovian conditioning, interdependence and consumerist absorption; secondly a retreat from confidence, consistency and ego; ultimately a creative block and perfectionist paralysis.


The greater part of the last decade was psychologically challenging and spiritually enlightening. Not just for myself - I learned my experiences may seem unique but are abstractly the same cycles we all undergo.

"It's beautiful the way agony connects us to the living; I think of the world when I hurt and keep on existing in the now." - Micheal Larsen//Eyedea
Not that I mean to invoke the words of a Catholic cardinal, but this is the best quote to describe the last decade of crippling perfectionist paralysis.
"Le meglio è l'inimico del bene."
Perfection is the enemy of good.


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