4am prose 432Hz

Breathe. Relax. Sense. Exist and be grounded. A wonderful time is upon us: a time for action, a time for change, a time for courage and strength! Invest in yourself, and be met with an abundance of wisdom and revelation. Yet, be grounded - breathe, listen, feel, exist... look at who, what you are! Oh, the circumstance of existence! Life is quite preposterous, yet profound; zany, yet harmonized; a bitch, yet our High Priestess.

Breathe. Allow light to come in; feel lifted by it. It is warmth. And it is fluid. It is energy, it is frequency, it is vibration, it is chi, it is holy spirit, it is source. It is real.

I can create anything I want. I can be anyone I want.

I have heard and said these things in some form or another in vain attempt to manifest, but never have I quite understood them as now. Inaction wrought nothing! My imprisoned ideas illustrate experience, emotion, imagination; a cosmic piece of the vast everything!

Breathe, and I can create anything I want. I can write, and worlds materialize. I can wax, and the fates of stars wane. Master myself, and I control my universe. I can be anyone I want.

A time.
It is.

I Chronicle New Moon in Scorpio 432Hz - Breathe

Randomly felt inspired to write this tonight as I was meditating and realigning with my goals and intentions. I'm not quite a believer in astrology (it certainly is shrouded in fair criticism), just spiritual and curious. Curious coincidences.

This started out as just bullet notes to self - chronicling this November month of inspiration and creativity - and evolved into a subtly crafted piece of... prose?

I overwhelm myself with so many things to do all at once; the handling is not graceful. The process and progress are neither efficient nor encouraging for pleasure, paradise or prosperity. But it is now a process! - no longer paralyzed by perfectionism. Limitless ideas continue to flow and I shall conquer my world.

I'm not sure what I'm doing with this blog, what subject matter or format I want to do or any of it. I am just simply doing.

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply! Willing is not enough; we must do!" -Johann Wolfgang

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