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Really enjoying StandardNote + Listed right now. Might become one of my favorite apps of all time.
Going to attempt the #100Days challenge. I write a couple times a week in my physical journals, so I will attempt to increase that frequency and share some of those thoughts with the metaverse.

Really want to establish branding/theme. Celestial cephalopod vibe.

And starting in this astrologically significant month I will finally end this seven-year long cycle of self-disempowerment, self-torture, self-sabotage. I have so much to share on this in time, but the gist is I have been living in strife and dissonance since I stopped pursuing my ambitions and higher-calling about seven years ago and chose to live in miserable comfort. It wasn't all miserable - I did experience great things, places and people - but I have been fundamentally anxious, ungrounded and dangerously chaotic. In February earlier this year, I was awakened; now, I am ascending.

Out with the old, in with the new. I am infinite.

Eyedea - The Dive (Part 2):

"Maybe I had to go crazy to get where I am
I felt myself slipping away and I let myself fall
Gotta lose your mind before you find it
And when you finally find it you'll find out you never lost it at all
There's a natural flow, that's attached to the soul
It don't ask you to go, it just gradually pulls
It's always now and you're never not you
So follow yourself because if nothing else: your existence is true"

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