A Poetic Stream of Consciousness

Originally streamed March 20, 2022. Held as potential lyrics, now dumping just to get them off my mind. I'm still sitting on a lot of lyrics.

Imagine if we could see all the stars again
What would we imagine not listening to charlatans
Why did we build a thousand suns for the night?
Wouldn't have much crime if basic needs were met

I have no ill will or contempt toward my fellow man
It's only selfish world leaders I can't stand
Spineless and visionless sticking to a tattered manuscript
Gotta change with the seasons and trust the children's hands

This way of life is unholy but we can't see a way out
Imprisoned over money, crying out in this spiritual drought
Never taught to know ourselves just swallow pills and follow script
But hope is here, together believe and together we'll surmount

Pray tell your honest thoughts and insecurities
Release your buried pain and purify your impurities
Life's a trial by fire and your phoenix wings are clipped
Let go of all that troubles you and be reborn, true maturity

I'm no genius no prophet no leader no saint
I'm poor but I have more than a plastic coat of paint
How did 6000 years of civilization turn into a soulless crypt?
We're all born equal so how is authority not society's taint?

I see good in every person, refuse to believe conspiracy
The road to hell's paved with intentions of normalcy
Only the scared seek control over others, morals flipped
21st century tragedy we must peacefully return with urgency!

I'm pissed but I won't raise my voice
I speak in alignment with body mind and soul
Co-creating with the universe is the best choice
Rebelling against nature will exact an extinction toll

What other choice do we have, more prison and suicide?
What's the point of living in this morally corrupt vision?
Oil and pharmaceutical companies playing God it's putricide
We're animals with intelligence genociding with long division

The Founding Fathers went to war over far less
I don't want more bloodshed, can we just come together
Admit our mistakes, listen, and clean this mess
Before your own children wish you never lived

Civilization can scale without rules and regulations
Crime is non-existent when basic needs are met
Monopolies and career politicians are abominations
When did love thy neighbor and serve the people become a threat?

Don't lust, stay true
Lest the curse befalls you
What a shame that would do
Dying before your purpose due

It's not that genius is a rare phenomenon
It took sweat & tears to build this Parthenon
Protect and grow your heart not another's charictature
Be glorious - give style to your character

One hundred browser tabs a transient brainstorm
Manic break aftermath an aroma of petrichor
One hundred empires rise and fall they're temporal
Let the tides subside there's beauty in the ephemeral

Stagnant society smells swampy in miasma
Modern convenience side-affecting us with asthma
Pharma foretelling fix yet poisoning our plasma
Celestial children feeling lost in diaspora

Devil-may-care imprisoned in this daycare
Devil has heirs in careless billionaires
Devil laid bare no clothes which he wears
Devil's affairs printing money in his lair

One hundred rulers of our planet unelected
Ending a hundred generations disconnected
Hard times beget great men but we're dejected
Be the change you want to see 'fore we're infected

Carpe diem, carpe noctem
Twenty seven years stuck at the bottom
Then I killed ego, sowed, now I blossom
Don't want stardom rather seize in the quantum

Don't want the attention so I alt-f4
Rather draw attention to Yemen & Darfur
Tyrants lust for power that isn't theirs
Trust we the people and in God upstairs

Civilization isn't collapsing it's just undergoing change
Cycle of society I know times are strange
Solution is a non-violent conscious revolution
Soon we'll enter a Golden Age of improvement

All it takes is a little bit of effort & faith
Maybe take a trip or chill with an eighth
The only sin is abuse & overindulgence
Your body's a temple, treat it with exultance

Heaven is on Earth, it's the Light that's inside you
Hell's on Earth, too, it's what limits your point of view
Whether through the voodoo or jiujitsu
We must breakthrough to a better avenue

Found and loved my gods now they work through me
Hesiod and Thoth writing their decree
I released everything mine now I channel the divine
Devoting all energy into this moment in time

Etching cuneiform in my human form
Scarabs swarming, keep an ankh in my uniform
I’ve got a bone to pick with Gilgamesh
Should’ve chased Lilith now we’re cursed in the flesh

Just an epic tale of a Gemini resisting Taurus
Ishtar enraged from slain demon in Cedar Forest
Enkidu sacrificed for his friend like Lavi-itz
Life is a balance of seven terrors & radiance

A hundred tales of one man and fifty rowers
Coincidence with the orbits of Sirius
Fifty cosmonauts asking what’s with that Golden Fleece?
Noah’s Ark I’m Joan of Arc a martyr for peace

A hundred geniuses murdered in the name of Pisces
Now's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Let the sunshine in take it back to '69
Sympathy & trust abounding we'll get through this!

Mary wanna root her tendrils it's astronomy
Kezi-ah conjuring with metaphysical geometry
Amy-gdala dancing in limbo with a lich
Lavi-nia & Zackwell summoned Disc Four Dunwich

Donned so many masks
Absorbed each persona
Been non grata in my casks
Basquiat in addy casques

Bared my sins, disintegrated
Expressing my moraine
All the lessons integrated
Reconstructing glacial terrain

Tectonics shift turn mountains to cliffs
Standing out the big green Clifford (lol)
Curious chimp homo sapien to luden
Hypnagogic lyrics mental quaaludens

Swinging my spear, double impale
Summoning the force of a gale
Gusts of wind fall on beds of nails
Blowing down Cairn Stones, Deckard exhales

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