2021 Self-talk: Reset

A 2021 stream of consciousness: a mini life-review initiating the sweeping transfiguration of body & mind this year where I indeed quit multiple addictions, lost all the fat & weight gained since high school, unlocked mental clarity & memory, and more. It all begins with a little self-talk - recognizing a problem, admitting it, and determining to change. It might take a year, or longer, but it will happen with honest self-reflection & perseverance!
I read some of my journal entries from high school and I can definitely say that substance use heavily altered my perception and passions. I wrote a little more clearly and had defined goals. Substances may be fun, but it is always short term with long term consequences. Inner peace comes from long term investment. Instant gratification and materialism leaves you empty and aimless once the phase ends. Remind yourself of your long term goals, work on them a little bit each day, and you shall reap the greatest of rewards.

My project list and goals have bubbled up into a confusing and unmanageable pile of apathy; I’m too distracted and time divided among too many things to the point where I don’t get anything accomplished.

So, this will be a reset of sorts. I’ll never get time back, I just have to start a new chapter and leave regrets behind.

My #1 personal project now is my body - I am both the marble and the sculptor. A more athletic body allows for better mental processing and more energy as I’m not literally being weighed down with excess. Everything that enters our body affects us, so if I eat crap I will feel crap. I always think about this, but then let it slide by going out to my favorite restaurant and playing games because I “feel lazy”. My body is a temple - I thought I would be immune from drugs’ side effects because of my arrogance and limited perception. Eat organic food, exercise in excess until excess is no more, and take care of your mind - don’t fill it with negativity or mind altering substances.

Everything is energy. Positive and negative energies do exist. Don’t fill your mind with negativity; always think positively and be mindful of others’ situations around the world. Work on your body and your inner peace, and the rest of your life will fall in place naturally. Live unnaturally and you will feel unnatural. Live positively and you will radiate positivity and good vibes. Good energy. Focus.

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